Accounts payable

When you have control over your accounts payable functions, you make better-informed decisions that lead the way to your success. Let our commercial experts work with you to customize an A/P solution for your specific needs.

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From the most straightforward to the most complex transactions, an integrated A/P process will elevate your working capital management, reduce exposure to financial risk, and save valuable employee processing time.

Accounts payable solutions

Disbursements via ACH

  • Can be completed with Webster Web-Link and direct file transmission
  • Same-day or next day
  • Customized payment schedules
  • Reduces processing fees
  • Eliminates lost or stolen check
  • Reduces security risk

Wire origination

  • Transfer funds in USD and foreign currencies to domestic and international banks
  • Initiate transactions via Webster Web-Link® with the option to approve via mobile device
  • Schedule same-day domestic wires, future-dated and/or recurring wires
  • Robust security monitoring

Credit card solutions

Choose from different credit card solutions to meet your organization’s needs:

  • Merge T&E and accounts payables into a single solution that integrates with several accounting and payment systems
  • Consolidated monthly statement with all charges at a single glance to help track spending and streamline accounting procedures
  • Corporate repayment liability, no personal guarantees necessary
  • Earn valuable rewards or eligible rebates
  • Online account management and reporting
  • Other Visa® benefits available

Online bill pay

  • Single sign on through Webster Web-Link® 
  • Ability to pay invoices all in once place
  • Integrates with Check Positive Pay fraud protection services
  • Reduces paper fees
  • Segregation of duties through user permissions
  • Provides enhanced reporting specific to bill payments

Controlled disbursement services

  • Same-day account monitoring via Webster Web-Link®
  • Daily report of all posted checks
  • Provides critical data for short-term investing

Webster Web-Link®

With Webster Web-Link®, you benefit from 75+ robust functions that support your payment and receivables solutions and liquidity management operations for domestic and international clients. Protected by our advanced security technology, Web-Link is available whenever you need access.

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