Controlled disbursement services

When you have daily sight into your cash position, you have valuable information for smart money management and short-term investment decisions.

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Controlled disbursement services are powered through Webster Web-Link® and give you daily morning reports of the total funding of your accounts. This allows you to better manage cash for daily disbursements and more.

Features and benefits

  • Provides check activity on daily postings
  • Up-to-date account balances to help make more informed investment and borrowing decisions
  • Same day monitoring of checks clearing against your account—in summary or detail format
  • Closer account balance tracking, including a daily report of the total value of all checks posted

Webster Web-Link®

With Webster Web-Link, you benefit from 75+ robust functions that support your payment and receivables solutions and liquidity management operations for domestic and international clients. Protected by our advanced security technology, Web-Link is available whenever you need access.

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