Accounts receivable

Streamline the treasury solutions you have in place to manage your cash flow, increase your efficiencies, gain faster access to working capital, and elevate your technological capabilities with our accounts receivable service and support.

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Stay fast, flexible, and funded so you're a step ahead of the marketplace; protect yourself from risk while keeping your customers satisfied and your P/L in the black. When you work with our accounts receivable experts, you get a "back office" extension that provides expert advice and customized support.

Customizable receivables services

Collections via ACH origination

  • Can be completed with Webster Web-Link® and direct file transmission
  • Same day or next day settlement options
  • Reduces processing fees
  • Eliminates lost or stolen checks
  • Reduces security risks

Online collections

  • Powered by Webster Payment-Link®
  • Receive secure ACH, credit and debit payments
  • Pre-loaded bill data and recurring transaction option
  • Daily receivables reports for automatic system updates
  • Pending transaction reports in real-time

Incoming wire transfers

  • Receive funds in USD and foreign currencies
  • Receive alert upon wire posting
  • Summary and detail wire reporting
  • Drawdown wire service: submit request to drawdown funds at another financial institution to be wired to your Webster account

Remote deposits

  • Powered by Webster Deposit-Link®
  • Online banking solution best for depositing 100 or more checks a month
  • Expedite deposits and scan checks via Webster Web-Link®
  • Detects check duplication
  • Advanced security features
  • Save trips to a branch location

Lockbox processing

  • Wholesale is for high-dollar/low-volume payments
  • Retail is for low-dollar/high-volume payments
  • Same-day processing
  • Automatic deposits
  • Customized reporting

Cash services

Convenient and efficient solutions for ordering or depositing cash or coin

  • Order cash and coin, delivered via armored car 
  • Cash verified same-day or within 24 hours
  • Mix cash and checks into a single deposit
  • SMART safe with advance daily credit option

Merchant services for success

Your customers appreciate ease and convenience when remitting payments. We offer a suite of Clover® POS applications, secure payments from all major credit/debit cards, exclusive benefits with specialized reporting through Webster Web-Link®.

Webster Web-Link®

With Webster Web-Link®, you benefit from 75+ robust functions that support your payment and receivables solutions and liquidity management operations for domestic and international clients. Protected by our advanced security technology, Web-Link is available whenever you need access.

Let's enable your success.

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