OLB Bill Pay and Tax Payments

How far back can I access my Online Bill Payment History?

You can access at least 7 years of Online Bill Payment History, by accessing Search for Payments and entering your search criteria. The Payment History page will display up to 60 days of your online bill payments.

Are there any fees associated with online bill pay and tax payments?

Online Bill Pay and Online Tax Payments (businesses only) are provided at no cost for WebsterOnline customers.

Can I setup alerts for my payments?

Yes. You can establish email alerts for your online payments to notify you in advance when they will be delivered.

Can I place a stop payment on a bill pay check?

Yes. You can place a stop on any check payment as long as it has not yet cleared your account. To do this, you must log into your WebsterOnline profile, select the Services tab, then select Place a Stop Payment from Account Services. There may be fees associated with this service. Please view our Fee Schedule for more information.

What can I do if I have a question on one of my payments?

You can always contact us online or call us at 800.995.9995, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also submit a Research Request from your Payment History.

How can I tell if my payment went out as scheduled?

Once your payment has been processed, the payment history and details will reflect the current status of your payment. There are various payment statuses depending on the type of payment and method of delivery. Once we complete processing and deliver your payment, the status will be updated to Delivered for payments made electronically), and Mailed or Cleared (for payments made by check). These indicate your payment was processed by us successfully.

Can I cancel or change an online payment?

Yes. You can cancel or change any payment up to 5:00 pm EST on the payment processing date. For electronic bill payments, the payment processing date is the business day before the delivery date. If your electronic bill payment was already processed, you must contact the payee for a refund.

How will payments sent out by check be listed in my account history?

If your online payment was made by check, it will resemble any of your own checks paid, but will have a different check number.

Can I schedule recurring payments?

Yes. You can setup one-time payments for today or a future date. If you are a Business Online Services customer, you can also setup payments with invoice so you can pay multiple invoices to the same vendor with a single check payment.

You may also schedule recurring payments using Online Bill Pay, although this is not available for Online Tax Payments (businesses only). You can setup recurring payments in a similar fashion to the way you set one-time payments and just need to select your payment frequency and start date.

What types of accounts can I use to fund my online payments?

You can make online payments from any checking or money market account in your online profile. Please note that the number of withdrawals allowed from money market accounts is limited so please refer to your Deposit Account Disclosure for Consumer Accounts for more details.


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