OLB Mobile Banking

What is a TouchID?

TouchID is a feature available on iPhone 5S Smartphones or higher. When activated, it enables you to access your phone or applicable Apps via your fingerprint. Once you’ve enabled TouchID on your iPhone you have the ability to access balances.

Full access to other banking transactions such as payments, transfers or deposits will still require full log in with your existing username and password to protect your security.

What is a Passcode?*

The Passcode feature allows you to check your balances faster than ever. Just key in a 4 digit Passcode you select when logging into the Mobile App for the first time or you can set up or modify your Passcode at a later time within Settings. Passcode remains active for 5 days. If there are more than 5 days between logins, you’ll be required to enter your full username and password.

*Other banking transactions like payments, transfers or deposits require full log in with your existing username and password to protect your security.

Who can I call if I have questions about Webster Mobile Deposit?

Please call the Customer Care Center at 1-800-995-9995 for questions about Webster Mobile Deposit.

How long should I keep the original checks after making a deposit with Webster Mobile Deposit?

Once you've scanned and submitted your deposit, you should mark the checks as having been deposited and store them in a secure location until you destroy them. There are no laws or regulations that specify any length of time you need to keep the original checks. We recommend that you destroy the original checks after 14 days of receiving your notification of your deposit.

How long can I see information about deposits I have made using Webster Mobile Deposit?

You can see detailed information about a submitted deposit for 120 calendar days. You can see general deposit details on "My Accounts" for up to 120 days and access them for up to 13 months on "Payment Activity" on your mobile phone.

Can foreign currency checks be processed through Webster Mobile Deposit?

No. Webster Mobile deposit is only for checks payable in U.S. dollars and drawn on banks in the United States.

Is Webster Mobile Deposit secure?

Webster Mobile deposit is protected by several layers of security. This app uses 128-bit SSL encryption technology to protect your financial activities.  In order to access Webster Mobile Deposit, you must enter your username, password, and the answer to one of your challenge questions if you are using an unregistered device.

What are the advantages of using Webster Mobile Deposit?

With Webster Mobile deposit, you can:

  • Save time and money by eliminating trips to the bank to deposit checks.
  • Bank when you want to bank.

Reduce paperwork by storing your check images and transaction history on our secure site.


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