ATM and Debit Cards - FAQs

Can I still swipe my card to pay?

Yes. If a merchant is not yet chip-activated, you can swipe your card to pay. Then enter your PIN. Or select CREDIT and sign for your purchase (if necessary).

How can I change my Webster ATM or Webster Visa debit card PIN?

You can change your Webster ATM or Webster Visa debit card PIN at any Webster ATM or by visiting one of our conveniently located banking centers.

How do I set up a travel notification for my debit or ATM card?

If you are planning to use your Webster Visa debit card or ATM card while traveling; please provide us with your travel plans here.   You should provide your travel plans at least 3-5 business days prior to traveling.  For your protection, we monitor card activity for possible fraud.  Providing us with your travel plans in advance will prevent us from interrupting your card service.  If you need assistance, please call 1-800-325-2424 or 203-272-7711, 24 hours,7 days a week

How does chip technology protect my information?

Every time you use your card at a chip-activated terminal, the embedded chip generates a unique
transaction code. This prevents stolen data from being fraudulently used.

What should I do if I already have a Webster Visa® Debit Card?

Once you activate your new card, please destroy your existing card for security reasons.

Where can I use my chip-enabled debit card?

You can use your card at millions of places that accept Visa Debit Cards, at home and around the world.

Why will I be receiving a new debit card?

Your new card will include chip technology. You’ll enjoy global acceptance plus an enhanced level of security.

Will I have to pay any additional fees to use my chip-enabled debit card?

No. There are no additional fees to use your new debit card.

Will my card information change?

If you already have a Webster Visa® Debit Card, your card number will not change. Your card will have a new expiration date and 3-digit security code, so be sure to update your information with billers that charge your card regularly.

Will my chip-enabled debit card work at the ATM?

Yes. You will be able to use your card to get cash, check your balance and more. Be sure to insert the chip end of your card into the ATM with the chip facing up.

Will my PIN change?

If you already have a Webster Visa® Debit Card, you will still use the same PIN with your new card.