Cash Management - FAQs

Can Small Businesses benefit from cash management products?

We provide a Cash Flow Payment Solutions bundle of products for small business clients with a Business Value or Webster Complete Business Checking Account. It includes:

ACH (Electronic Transactions): Collect money faster from your customers and eliminate writing checks. Gain tighter control over when your payments are sent.

Webster Deposit-Link®: Deposit checks from your office -scan and transmit to Webster for same day deposit. Make fewer trips to the branch and eliminate the need for accounts at different banks because of branch location.

Reverse Positive Pay:  A fraud control tool to identify potentially fraudulent checks. You will receive an alert (email or text) when there are checks to review. Fraudulent checks are easily returned online (unless cashed in a banking center).

Wire Transfer: The fastest way to transfer funds domestically and internationally with safe and secure approval and release limits.

Does Webster Bank offer cash management services?

Treasury & Payment Solutions offers a full suite of cash management products & services to help your organization to collect, manage and disburse funds. Through our online banking platform, Webster Web-Link® you are able to:

  • Collect funds using: ACH, Cash Services, Merchant Card Services, Webster Payment-Link®, Webster Deposit-Link®, Retail & Wholesale Lockbox, and Wire Services.
  • Manage cash flow and control fraud using:  Positive Pay (for both ACH and Check transactions), Account Analysis, Reconciliation, Event Notifications & Alerts, FEDI Reporting, Information Reporting and Online Statements.
  • Disburse funds using: Account Transfer, ACH, Controlled Disbursement, ACH Positive Pay, Check Positive Pay and Wire Services.
Does Webster Bank offer payroll services?

Yes, we offer payroll services through our vendor Complete Payroll Solutions.  This solution gives your organization complete flexibility and personal attention from your dedicated payroll specialist while using traditional input methods like phone, fax, or email. Or, you can choose from the most advanced online technology available today. Either way, our experienced consultants will help you find the solution that's right for you.

How do I get cash management services?

Our Treasury & Payment Solutions group will help you with innovative and creative solutions to increase your organization’s productivity and profitability.  Contact the Client Support Team at 888-932-2256 or

How much do cash Management services cost?

After identifying the right solutions for your organization we will work with a pricing model that fits your cash flow needs.  The costs associated with our cash management services depend on a variety of criteria, including which product is used, how many products are used in total, the size of client and product usage. We use formulas to determine the price structure for each client, as offerings are tailored based on each client’s need.

What is the value of cash management products and services to my organization?

We help clients with innovative and creative payment solutions to improve the way they collect receivables and pay bills, which increases their productivity and profitability. We work to know your organization, support its payment needs and help you to grow as efficiently as possible.  Our foremost objective is to develop a long-term relationship with you as your trusted advisor. We have partners across Webster that can provide additional products to compliment cash management services and help your organization with investments, funding, HRAs, Payroll Solutions or Credit and Purchasing cards.