How does online bill pay work?

We’ve made it easy to pay all of your bills in one place and in seconds. First, you add your payees to your profile. Payees can include anyone from your credit card and cell phone providers to office supply vendors and mortgage lenders to your babysitter or landscaper. You can do so in two ways: 1) by selecting from the vast list of payees available on WebsterOnline; or 2) by entering your own payee information, including payee name, address, phone number and payment account number. You can also create a nickname for your payees. Simply verify the information entered and your payees will be saved.

When you want to make a payment, simply select the Webster account to fund your payment and the appropriate payee, and enter the payment amount and delivery date. Payments are delivered to your payee on the delivery date that you request. The default delivery date is always the earliest possible date that your payment can be delivered to your payee. For payments that are sent electronically to your payee, your account will be debited the business day prior to your delivery date. If your payment will be sent by check, it will be drawn on the account you designated to fund the payment and will be debited when the check is presented to us for payment. If your payment was sent by Webster on the scheduled date but your payee has indicated that it hasn’t been received, it will most likely be necessary to speak with the payee however, you can always call a Webster Online Services Associate at 1-800-995-9995 for assistance.