How long does it take for my payments to be made?

Payments are delivered to your payee on the delivery date that you request. The default delivery date is always the earliest possible date that your payment can be delivered to your payee. Any payments that you schedule before 5:00 pm EST will be processed on the same business day. If your payment is scheduled after 5:00 pm EST, it will be processed on the next business day.

For payments made electronically, your account will be debited on the business day prior to the delivery date of your payment. For payments made by check, your account will be debited when the check is presented to us for payment. The US Postal Service indicates that most accurately addressed mail is delivered within 3 business days; however, your payee may require additional time to post the payment to your account. In some cases, check payments may be received and processed by your payee before the standard 3 business days and may post to your account prior to the requested delivery date.