Increasing Commercial Cash Flow


Let’s face it, cash projections are only projections. No business can predict the future and it’s important to be prepared for new opportunities, unexpected expenses, delinquent customers, and market fluctuations.


At Webster, we can help you find ways to profit from the cash you have on hand, as well as boost your liquidity in a pinch.


Maximize Cash With Short-Term Investments

For convenient ways to improve your cash flow, Webster offers a number of treasury investment products that can be linked directly to your Webster checking account.


Choose from a range of options, including Repurchase Agreements, or repos, an easy way to maximize your cash on hand with relative safety. Fully collateralized by government or government agency securities, repos offer fixed rates and flexible maturity dates to match your cash flow needs.


For larger investments of $100,000 or more, Webster’s Jumbo Certificates of Deposit (CDs) pay fixed rates of interest for fixed periods of time. These short-term investments are issued at face value, and are a great option to guarantee a certain yield.


Consider taking advantage of the competitive rates offered on these short-term money market investments issued by Webster’s Grand Cayman branch. Eurodollar Time Deposits don’t have FDIC insurance, but they can offer an alternate investment to achieve growth on your company’s investments.


With U.S. Treasury and Government Agency Securities, you can choose from a range of Treasury bills, notes, and bonds. These investment products are backed or sponsored by the U.S. Government and can offer a simple way to add safety and stability to your portfolio.


And if you’re looking for investments with short maturity terms, Commercial Paper provides you with unsecured, uninsured promissory notes issued by creditworthy corporations.


Fast Financing When You Need It

When you need to accelerate your business’ cash flow, our Lines of Credit give you the quick and flexible access to cash you’re looking for. By working with your company closely to customize the best terms and payment options for your company, we can help provide a safety net if your business ever needs one.


Webster also offers a range of other financing solutions to maximize long-term opportunities and take the pressure off your daily cash flow.


Our Asset-Based Financing solutions, through our subsidiary Webster Business Credit Corporation, offer a convenient way to secure capital by allowing you to borrow against your company assets. With Webster’s Commercial Term Loans, enjoy flexible loans that offer competitive rates and custom repayment plans.


For more specialized lending, Webster offers Equipment Financing that helps you keep your equipment current without jeopardizing your company’s cash flow. And if you need financing for Commercial Real Estate, Webster’s team of Relationship Managers has the expertise to tailor loans whether you’re a commercial owner, developer, buyer, or builder.



All credit products and pricing are subject to the normal credit approval process. Some applications may require further consideration and/or supplemental information. Certain terms and conditions may apply.