Easy Ways to Make Your New Year Bright

Tue, 17 Dec 2013

What are you doing to make your New Year Bright? Starting a healthier lifestyle? Kicking a bad habit? Join our conversation on Facebook & Twitter! And if you haven’t thought about your New Year’s resolutions just yet, here are some easy switches you can make to brighten your new year and save money at the same time.


1. Save Money by Going Green

Going green is great for the environment and your wallet. Make your new year brighter by unplugging appliances when not in use to save electricity. Check out Daily Finance’s postThis is a 3rd party link. Please click here to learn more. on 12 appliances you should unplug and other green money saving tips. 


2. Stay on Top of Your Balances with Ease

One easy way you improve your financial health is to stay on top of your account balances to avoid those end-of-the-month surprises. (“I forgot I bought that!”) Banking services like online banking and balance alerts can really help!  


3. Budget for Big Events

A few smart financial moves can go a long way toward making your new year brighter. Don’t let weddings, graduations and other big to-do’s sneak up on you and suck the life out of your savings. Map out the year’s events, set a budget for each and start saving now so you can meet each event with anticipation instead of dread! You can even set up a Holiday Club account at the start of 2014 to help you put extra money aside.  


4. Swap Soda for Water

How easy is it to make your new year brighter? As easy as making a simple change to your eating habits. Just swap those expensive, high-sugar sodas for water and you’ll find that you’ll be trimming your waist and padding your wallet at the same time. Talk about a win-win!  Tell us how you’re making your new year bright in the comments below, or join the conversation using #BrightNewYear on Facebook & Twitter. Happy New Year!

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