Easy Deposits for a Busy Life

Wed, 15 Oct 2014

I'm a busy mom. There are lots of us out there (and dads too)! Being a parent is wonderfully rewarding but can lead to hectic days and late nights. Both my husband and I work full time, spend a significant amount of time commuting, and have evenings filled with cooking dinner, helping kids with homework, and running off to evening extracurricular school and sports activities. By the time we've gotten the kids cleaned up and off to bed we are nearly ready to hit the hay ourselves. But first there are household chores, double checking backpacks for teacher notes and fundraisers (don't miss that note about picture day!), prepping the next day's lunches and finally managing our finances. Although I work at a bank (though not in a branch), taking care of my own banking needs is often the last priority of my day and done when I am dog-tired.

No matter who you bank with, you won't find one open at this hour of the night. Thank goodness for Webster's online banking where I can monitor my accounts, transfer funds and pay my bills. But what about deposits?!? Again, technology comes to the rescue for us busy parents. Here are the most convenient alternate options for one of the most important transactions on our accounts:

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1.  Direct Deposit - This is the easiest, most consistent and hands-free way to make a deposit directly into your bank account. You can set this up through your employer and most will allow you to split your check between multiple accounts -- so, instead of depositing all of your money into your checking account, you can set some to automatically go into savings (it's never too early to think about college savings). You’ll need to provide them with the correct routing number and your account number. Here’s a list of Webster's routing numbers for reference:

The routing and transit number for CT customers is 211170101

The routing and transit number for MA or RI customers is 211370231

The routing and transit number for NY customers is 021973019

The routing and transit number for former New Mil Bank customers is 211170156

Click here to get your direct deposit form.

2.  Envelope-Free ATM Deposits - With Webster's network of over 250 deposit-taking ATMs available 24/7, I am bound to pass one on my way from one activity to the next. And if it is a drive-up ATM, I don't even have to take the kids out of their car seats (bonus!). The process is simple:

Stack and insert up to 30 checks and 50 bills directly into the ATM

Complete your deposit by following the easy-to-use screen instruction.

See scanned images of your checks and a cash breakdown right on your receipt!

Plus, at Webster's ATMs your card is returned immediately at the start of the transaction - no more forgetting your card at the machine! (With a million things on my mind, I have done this more times than I care to admit).

3.  Mobile Check Deposit - What can be more convenient than not having to leave the house? All you need is a smartphone or tablet and Webster's app!  With just a snap of your device's camera you can deposit checks anytime, anywhere. Mobile deposit is the latest addition to Webster's mobile app which already lets you check balances, make payments, transfer funds and more from your personal or business accounts. 

Now… off to soccer practice and dance class!

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