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Mon, 10 Nov 2014

According to History.comthird party link, there are 23.2 million military veterans in the United States. Every year we set aside Veterans Day on November 11th to remember your service, recognize your courage, and honor you with deep respect and admiration.

On Veterans Day, many companies honor veterans with special offerings like those listed herethird party link. At Webster, we live up to our veterans by offering special banking benefits through our Military Banking Program.

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Webster's Military Banking Program

  1. WebsterOne® Relationship Checking
    • Free WebsterOne checks & Travelers Cheques
    • Free WebsterOne Savings with higher rates
    • Free foreign ATM’s (No Webster fee)
    • Free International ATM’s and rebates of other banks’ ATM fees

    PLUS: No monthly fee or minimum balance requirement for our WebsterOne® Relationship Checking Account.

  2. Personal loan benefits
    • $500 mortgage rebate credited at time of closing.
    • Home Equity Lines: 0.25% off the interest rate with automatic deduction from a WebsterOne Relationship Checking account
    • Home Equity Loans: 0.25% off the interest rate in addition to the 0.25% off that you already receive with an auto-deduct from your WebsterOne Relationship Checking account.
    • Personal Loans: In addition to your automatic deduction discount, and additional 0.50% off the interest rate for unsecured auto and personal with automatic deduction from your WebsterOne Relationship checking account.
    • All loans and lines are subject to credit approval.
  3. Business loan benefits
    • Discounts to military personnel or veterans who own a business or are looking to start a business through the SBA Patriot Express program.

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How to take advantage of the program

All you have to do is provide identification (Military ID or discharge papers) to prove that you are:

  • A retired veteran
  • Active duty person/soldier currently serving full or part time in any branch of the armed forces, including Reserves and National Guard

One military account per family is allowed.

Living up to your banking needs

At Webster, living up to you starts with knowing what matters most to you and your family. And while we can never repay you for the sacrifices you’ve made, we hope our Military Banking Program can help you move forward financially.

To learn more

Please visit: or talk to us at your local banking center. Please let us know if you have any questions about our Military Banking Program in the comments below.

Please note:

In honor of Veterans Day, all Webster offices and banking centers will be closed on Tuesday, November 11th.

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