Plan now for a cyber safe vacation

Fri, 24 Jun 2016

It's summer time and you're ready for a vacation. But before you go, take a minute to read these cyber safety and other tips so your dream vacation doesn't turn into a nightmare!


Mums the word.

  • Going away? Don't advertise your plans around people you don't know – that includes on Facebook or any other social media.

If you've ever posted your address or pictures of your house on a public site, criminals can figure out where you live. You may have Facebook "friends" and other social media contacts that you don't know very well, so be careful about any vacation information you post.

  • Don't use the same password on different social media sites.

If one app is compromised, any other site you access with the same password can become compromised as well.

  • During your vacation, do not post pictures or comments until after you return.

Posting vacation pictures while you're away will alert possible intruders that your house is empty. Be careful what you leave on your voice message as well. Remind your children not to post any information too, even on the sites they log into. Some criminals will log into children's sites to gather information.

Look before you leap.

  • Remember to lock your doors and windows before going away.

Using automatic timers on lights will make it look like someone's in your house. And be sure to remove any hide-a-keys you may have outside.

  • Unplug your TV and computer in case of power surges or lightning storms.  

And hide anything valuable, like computers, televisions or jewelry

  • Take only the credit cards and other ID cards that you will need while traveling.

Leave the rest hidden in a safe place at home – not out in the open.

Play it safe.

  • Staying at a hotel? Use the room safe to store your valuables.

This way, you don’t have to carry credit cards or other valuables around all the time.

  • Only use ATMs that are located in banks or public areas.

And check the ATM for possible tampering. Thieves are known to attach card "skimming" devices to ATMs in order to steal account information.

  • When connecting to wi-fi, make sure it is a secure site.

Use your hotel's wi-fi to be safe.

Unplug and enjoy!

Turning your vacation into a "cybercation" can add to your relaxation. So try to take a break from being so "connected" while you're away. You just might enjoy it!