Home Mortgage Disclosure Act

About HMDA

The Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) requires many financial institutions to maintain, report, and publicly disclose certain information about mortgages. HMDA was originally enacted by Congress in 1975 and implemented by the Federal Reserve Board. In 2011 the Dodd Frank Act transferred HMDA rule making authority to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

Why it's important

These public data are important because they help show whether lenders are serving the housing needs of their communities; they give public officials information that helps them make decisions and policies; and they shed light on lending patterns that could be discriminatory.

Availability of Disclosure Statements

Using the loan data submitted by financial institutions, aggregate tables are created for each metropolitan statistical area or metropolitan division, as well as individual institution Disclosure Statements.

The individual Disclosure Statements for Webster Bank, N.A. are available on this website (www.websterbank.com) and also on the FFIEC website (www.ffiec.gov/reports.htm).

HMDA Disclosure Statements

2016 HMDA
2015 HMDA
2014 HMDA
2013 HMDA
2012 HMDA