Making your banking experience as easy as possible is just one way we're living up to our promise to help you bank the way you want.

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We are continually working to bring you the latest online and mobile banking technology. We are always eager to receive and implement your feedback.

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New Features for Online Banking

New & improved transaction search

Based on your feedback, we've made it easier for you to review the items in your transaction history. You can sort the items in transaction history by the date or by the amount of your transaction. Additionally, you can search transaction history by keywords, making it quick and easy to find what you're looking for.


New links added to Transaction History page

For your convenience, we added an 'Export' link that will take you directly to the Export Transactions page and an 'Advanced Search' link which will take you directly to the Search for Transactions page. We've also added a new Action Menu that is displayed for Pending and Posted transactions, visually represented by 3 vertical dots that will allow you the ability to view check images and deposit details.


More information is now available for your Webster credit card

Webster credit card customers can now view additional information about their credit card on the Financial Summary page including: Minimum Payment; Payment Due Date; Last Payment Amount; and Last Payment Date.

View your Deposit Details

Many customers are unaware that they are able to view the details of their deposits, including deposit slip images and images of checks deposited through a Banking Center or Mobile Deposit. So we have automatically enrolled all Webster Online customers to “View Deposit Details” as a courtesy. Customers will still have the option to un-enroll at any time.


Financial Summary Page Enhancements

The Financial Summary page now includes investment account balances for Webster Investments* customers so you can get a complete view of all your account balances on the same screen. For additional information about your Webster Investments* account, you can access the full investment site right from the Financial Summary page. It's easier than ever for customers to view the Summary page on the device of your choice because we introduced a page design to support full size computers and smaller devices such as an iPad, iPhones, and Androids. We also added a "+" action icon next to the heading of each account section that will provide you with the option to add another Webster account to your profile or open a new Webster account.


Loan Statements

Based on customer feedback, the “Statement Period” for loan statements will now display in descending order to match deposit statements shown online.

Principal Payments for Home Equity Loans & Lines of Credit

Customers can now make principal payments for home equity loans and lines of credit online (provided that the account is current and there is no amount past due).


Addition of "My Quick Links" to the Financial Summary Page

Based on customer feedback, we added “My Quick Links” to the Financial Summary page. Customers can use "My Quick Links" to get fast access to the pages they want "My Quick Links" preset to link to the most popular online banking pages, however, customers can customize the dashboard by selecting from a library of available links.


Improved Customer Experience Transferring to/from Non-Webster Bank Accounts

We recently added information and assistive content to simplify the process of adding and managing a non-Webster Bank transfer account.


Online Travel Notifications

Travel notifications can now be set up online to protect your account and prevent fraudulent activity while away.


Optimal Online Banking Experience on any Device

Whether you're using a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, your online banking experience is optimized for any device to provide easier access and navigation.


Increased Available Transaction History

Instead of 60 days, we've expanded the time period selection for deposit accounts to display transactions up to two years. Loan accounts will continue to display the transaction history up to one year.

Online Change of Address

You now have the ability to provide us with home address changes, including seasonal changes and mail only.


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New Features for Mobile Banking

First $100 Mobile Deposit Availability

You’ll now have same-day access to the first $100 of your business day’s deposits when using the Mobile Check Deposit feature on our mobile app. Deposits must be made by 5:00 pm EST to be considered same day.


Add/Modify Account Nicknames in the Mobile App

We will be adding the ability to add or modify account nicknames in the Mobile App to allow you to identify each account. Customize each nickname and never second guess which account you are looking for again.


Link to New Account Opening from the Mobile App

Right from the Mobile App you will be able to open a Checking, Savings, and a CD account. There will even be an option to deposit a check within the App to fund your new account.


View Check Images on the Mobile App

For a quick reference of a deposited or cleared check, you will be able to view all your check images on the Mobile App just as you do today on the your statements.


Running Balances within the Mobile App

To help you manage your account, you will see the resulting balance associated with each transaction. By clicking on the transaction you will see the running balance at the time that transaction was processed.


Expanded Alert Notifications

We’ve listened to your feedback and are working on implementing an expanded selection of timely alerts to help you stay on top of your account activity and have greater peace of mind. We will introduce alerts for all deposits and withdrawals in your account. You will have the capability to set a threshold to be notified of transactions above the amount you choose. Get email or Push Notifications in real-time to stay on top of your transactions.


Transaction History Details Fix

Customers with larger than standard fonts have experienced issues viewing transaction history details in the Mobile App but now a fix for this is available in the iTunes Store for download. Customers with Automatic Updates should see these changes without having to take action. Those who do not Automatically Update will need to do so manually by going to their Settings and clicking on the Webster App to Update.


Rate the App

Customers will be prompted to Rate our App after they have performed 10 Money Movement Transactions (Transfers, Bill Payments, and/or Mobile Deposits). You will receive a Pop Up asking if you’d like give the App a rating between 1 and 5 stars as well as the ability to write a review.


Instructional Videos

We’ve added the following Instructional Videos to The Mobile Product Page on Webster Online:


New and improved Mobile App

We are introducing a new and improved Mobile Banking app that is designed with your busy lifestyle in mind. With features like faster log-in with Passcode, Touch ID, Face ID, or Android Fingerprint; easier to use Mobile Deposits; a customizable log-in default page (Account Summary, Bill Pay, Transfers, Mobile Deposit); a password reset feature; and real-time balance push alerts, our new Mobile Banking app will fit right into your busy life. It puts more banking capabilities at your fingertips so you can accomplish more in less time—everywhere you go.


Webster Pay Mobile Wallet App

Customers can now download the new Webster Pay app, which offers more convenience and control over how to use a debit card, including logging in with WebsterOnline login credentials, setting up transactions alerts, receiving notifications of debit card activity, the ability to turn a debit card off/on if lost or misplaced with ease, conveniently locate nearby ATMs, and paying in stores by simply tapping their Android or iPhone device.


System Notifications

Important system notifications will now appear on the mobile app to alert customers about maintenance needs, service interruptions, and other important updates.


Apple Pay

Now you can use Apple Pay with your Webster Visa® Debit Card to pay faster and easier at thousands of stores and participating apps.


Fund Your New Account Using Mobile Deposit

Make an initial deposit into your newly-opened account using the Mobile Deposit feature of our mobile app.


New Features for Online Bill Payment

  • Set Up One Time Payment Enhancements

    It's easier than ever for you to use the Set Up One Time Payment pages on any device. We have added a progress bar to provide a visual of each step of the process. You can also sort payees by name or nickname alphabetically either in ascending or descending order; search for a specific payee; and/or show only Electronic, Check, On Shortlist or All payees. The Last Payment date and amount will display to easily identify your most recent payment details. In addition, an action icon next to the heading of each payee name will provide the option to view Payee Details.

  • Payment Center Enhancements

    We have made enhancements to the Payment Center to assist in managing your payments. To make a payment simply click on the date you would like your payment to be delivered and complete the required fields. We have also included the recent Last Payment details; a progress bar to guide you every step of the way; and an action icon with your Payment Details for Existing Payments.

  • Improvements When Adding a New Bill Payee

    The process to add a new payee for Electronic and Check payments is easier than ever. We’ve updated the page design so it will look great in all screen sizes. There are auto-complete features to help you quickly find the payee you want. And we’ve also added more validation to ensure payees are added correctly.

  • Online Payment History Enhancement

    Based on feedback, we've added a "Search for Payments" link so that you can view your online payment history older than 60 days.

  • Mailing Status Date on Online Check Payments

    Customers can now view the mailing date for their online check payments on the Bill Payment Details page.

  • "Print Proof of Payment Letter" Reinstated for Online Check Payments

    The "Print Proof of Payment Letter" is available for print on the Bill Payment Details page in addition to providing a copy to the payee to verify that a payment was mailed.

New Features Coming Soon

Exporting Enhancements

We will be making some enhancements on the Export Transactions page, based on your feedback, to include additional Format options.

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