Certificates of Deposit

A Webster CD provides a guaranteed rate of return, with terms from 1 month to 5 years. Plus, the unique ‘bump-up’ CD lets you grab a better rate. And don’t forget taxes — your CD could also be used as an IRA.


  • Terms from 1 month to 5 years to fit your timeline
  • Open with just $1,000
  • Options to reinvest or pay out interest monthly
  • FDIC insured up to insurable limits

Compare your options

Traditional CDs

Safe and predictable rate of return.

3-Year Bump-Up CDs

You can raise your rate if a higher one comes along.


Many CDs can be defined as IRAs, with significant tax benefits.

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There is no minimum balance requirement to earn the stated interest rates. Minimum opening deposit is $1000. Rates and Fees may vary by state and region. APY assumes interest remains on deposit until maturity. Withdrawals will reduce earnings. Fees could reduce earnings. Unless otherwise stated, interest is compounded and credited monthly. Available for consumer accounts only. CDs are insured up to FDIC limits, based on ownership categories.

CD Early Withdrawal Penalty: If you withdraw a portion or all of the principal balance of your CD prior to the maturity date, you will incur an early withdrawal penalty. If the term of your CD is one year or less, the penalty is 1% of the amount withdrawn plus $25. If the term of your CD is greater than one year, the penalty is 3% of the amount withdrawn plus $25.

3-year Bump-up CD: The 3-year Bump-Up CD provides the buyer account owner with the option to secure a higher interest rate once during the three year term. The account owner can choose to bump up their rate, for the remainder of their term, to the prevailing 3-year Bump-Up CD rate at that time. A Premier or WebsterOne® Relationship checking account is required to get the highest CD rates. For CD rates available without these accounts, please call or stop by a banking center.