Construction mortgage

Build your mortgage like your home: from the ground up. For a brand-new home or major renovations, you can get a construction-to-permanent loan for both the building costs and the mortgage.

  • New home construction
  • Major renovations
  • Working with a general contractor
  • Buying land first (or already own land)

Four options¹

  • Purchase/Construction
  • Purchase/Home improvement
  • Refinance/Construction
  • Refinance/Home improvement


All loans subject to credit approval. Contact a Webster mortgage banking officer for full details of program. Program is subject to change without notice and may be withdrawn at any time.

¹Uses for a construction loan:

  • Purchase/Construction: To cover the purchase of the property and construction costs
  • Purchase/Home improvement: To purchase an existing home and any renovations
  • Refinance/Construction: To pay off a land or existing construction loan and new construction costs
  • Refinance/Home improvement: To pay off an existing home mortgage and finance renovations