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Other lending solutions

Government and State Agency Loans

Low down payment & rates

  • Make real your dream of home ownership
  • Multiple financing options

Construction Second Mortgage

Keep your first mortgage

  • Loans from $100,000 to $500,000
  • First mortgage doesn’t have to be with Webster Bank

Home equity lines and loans

Your house is your cash reserve; tap its equity for the things you want to do. You can draw on a line of credit as you need it; with a loan you make all the funds available to yourself at once.

Fixed-Rate Mortgage

10-, 15-, 20- & 30-year terms available1

  • 3.196% APR for 30-year fixed
  • 2.754% APR for 15-year fixed

Adjustable-Rate Mortgage

Annual and lifetime interest-rate caps2

  • 2.82% APR for Conventional 7/1
  • 2.895% APR for Conventional 10/1

Jumbo Mortgage

For loans over $510,4003

  • 3.263% APR for 30-year fixed
  • 2.898% APR for 15-year fixed
  • Fixed and/or variable rates
  • Available for investment properties, too

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