Fixed-rate mortgage

Lock in a great rate for the life of your loan. Predictability and consistency are wonderful things — especially when you’re able to secure a fixed-rate for your mortgage.

7/02/2020 Fixed-rate mortgage rates

30-year fixed¹


3.322% APR

20-year fixed¹


3.226% APR

15-year fixed¹


2.879% APR

10-year fixed¹


2.813% APR

Note that down payment is not included in the calculation.  Please enter numbers only (no commas or dollar signs).

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Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

  • A fixed-rate mortgage gives you the security and stability of having the same monthly payment over the life of your loan. You can choose a longer term for lower monthly payments that fit your budget. Alternatively, you can choose a shorter term with higher monthly payments, which means you’ll pay less interest in the long run.


  • Points provide a way for you to lower the interest rate, and in turn lower your monthly mortgage payment. One mortgage point is equal to 1% of your mortgage amount. For example, on a $200,000 loan, one mortgage point is equal to $2,000. You can pay 1 point, or $2,000, at closing in exchange for a lower interest rate over the life of your loan.

  • Your APR, or annual percentage rate, reflects your interest rate plus any fees that you pay to obtain your loan. Your interest rate is simply the annual cost of your loan expressed as a percentage. This doesn’t factor in the fees you paid to originally obtain your loan.

  • A conforming mortgage is the mortgage loan limit set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. For single family properties in most counties, the conforming limit is $510,400 and any mortgage loan amount of more than $510,400 is a jumbo mortgage.


The following information applies to the mortgage products featured above

  • Featured Rates include 0.125% off the rate with an automatic payment deduction (ACH) from a Webster Bank Personal Checking account, for loan amounts up to $1,000,000. There are no ACH discounts for loan amounts over $1,000,000. This discount does not apply to Government Assisted Mortgages. ACH offer is subject to change without notice and may be withdrawn at any time.
  • The payment amount shown includes principal and interest. Your actual payment will be higher if escrow payments for property taxes and/or insurance are made in addition to the regularly scheduled loan payment.
  • Combined Loan to Value (CLTV) up to 90% for certain mortgage products, property types and loan amounts.
  • Mortgages are available in CT, MA, NY and RI.
  • Rate assumes purchase of a primary residence, single-family property.
  • Actual rates may vary based on credit qualifications, loan amount, CLTV, term and geography. Rates are subject to change on a daily basis.
  • All loans are subject to the normal credit approval process.
  • APR assumes 20% down payment for a single-family property and a Loan Origination fee of $900. APR also includes 0% - 2.0% (points) of the loan amount depending on which rate option is selected.

1Fixed-Rate Mortgage: Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on a Webster Fixed Rate mortgage is listed as an example only and does not represent a guaranteed rate by Webster Bank. Rate quoted is valid as of the effective date listed on the Fixed Rate mortgage page. Rates are subject to change at any time. Please call 1-877-647-5137 or visit to check the latest rates. Rate assumes a loan amount of $510,400 or less and automatic payments (ACH) made from a Webster personal checking account. This discount does not apply to all mortgage products.  All loans are subject to the credit approval process. This offer is subject to change without notice and may be withdrawn at any time. Rate assumes purchase of a primary residence, single family property.