Debit card overdraft services

Get more control over everyday purchases

There may be times when you lose track of your account balances or encounter unexpected expenses.

By opting into Visa® Debit card overdraft services, we can authorize your debit card purchases even when there are insufficient available funds in your account.

Note that we do not guarantee to cover all transactions and we charge a fee for the service when we do.¹

Additional overdraft services

Overdraft line of credit

Overdraft line of credit covers checking transactions made with insufficient available funds up to your credit line limit. Interest charges and annual fee may apply.2

Savings overdraft protection

This links your checking to your savings account and automatically transfers funds to cover any shortfall. Transfer fee applies.

Which overdraft service is right for you?

We have a number of overdraft services to choose from; let's find the best one for you. Call us anytime or make an appointment to stop by a nearby branch. For extra helpful information and tips, check out A Guide to Managing your Checking Account.


1At our discretion, we may pay transactions when you do not have sufficient available funds, which means we do not guarantee that we will always authorize and pay any type of transaction.  When you have insufficient available funds to cover a debit card transaction, and we do not authorize it, your transaction will be declined. Please refer to our fee schedule for more information.

2Subject to credit approval