Account Alerts

If you're new to account alerts, you'll love how they help with your account management. Free email and mobile notifications help you track spending and stay on top of account balances.

Set up your Account Alerts

alert interface on a mobile phone

Discover how to set up your Account Alerts with step-by-step instructions and helpful visuals. Plus you’ll learn how to customize your alerts to your preferred delivery channel and set account balances. Get started receiving real-time notifications when important transactions happen in your account.


  • Automatically track deposits, withdrawals, and balance activity for 24/7 peace of mind
  • Customize how you receive account alerts by selecting email and/or mobile notifications
  • Identify unexpected activity so you can quickly take action to protect your account

Helpful videos to get you started with digital banking

Account information

Check your balances, pay bills, see your transaction history and detailed account info, search and more

Mobile deposits

It’s a snap with your Webster app

Transfer funds

You can transfer funds between Webster and non-Webster accounts with your mobile device


Mobile App: Our app supports Android 7.0+ and iPhone/iPad iOS 12.1+. iPad1, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Android Tablet are not supported – please sign in to online banking instead. Apple and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Android is a trademark of Google LLC.

Mobile Deposit Limits: We may establish limits that apply to the amount of any individual check, the dollar amount and number of checks that may be deposited in a day, and the dollar amount of checks that may be deposited in a multi-day period. To learn more, see the Webster Mobile Deposit Terms and Conditions. Subject to eligibility requirements. Not available with Opportunity Checking.

Mobile Banking: You must be enrolled in Webster Online Services to use Webster Mobile Banking. Message and data rates may apply. Check with your mobile services provider for any charges that may apply for data usage on your mobile device.

Account Alerts: Account Alerts are delivered upon processing. To manage the quiet hours for alerts, please use your phone's 'Do not Disturb' settings. There are no fees assessed by Webster for this service. Message and data rates may apply. Check with your wireless or internet service provider for any charges that may apply for data usage.