Dos and Donts of first time home buying

A smooth mortgage process

starts with these do's and don'ts


Whether you’re buying your first home or looking to refinance, we want your mortgage process to go as smoothly as possible. So be sure to review these mortgage do’s and don’ts before you apply:


DO review your credit report. You can get a jump start on the mortgage process by reviewing your credit report for inaccurate or missing information and reporting it to the credit agency or business that reported the data.

DO document any large deposits into your bank accounts, including checking, savings, money market, etc. Documents can be copies of paychecks, bonus checks, money from the sale of an asset, etc.

DO keep your financial documents handy. Tax returns, bank statements and pay stubs and other financial papers for the past two years will need to be reviewed during the mortgage process.

DON'T apply for new credit during the application process. This includes any debt consolidation. If you’re planning on using credit to cover your closing costs, talk to your Webster mortgage banking officer first.

DON'T withdraw or move around large amounts of cash unless absolutely necessary. Funds for your mortgage closing need to be verified, so it’s best to leave cash and savings where they are until we can verify your accounts.

DON'T change jobs prior to closing if possible. Your employment status will need to be verified as unchanged during the mortgage process.


Sometimes, the simplest financial move during the application process can affect your mortgage approval. Understanding these mortgage do’s and don’ts will help you be prepared for success.

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