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Personal banking insights

Personal Banking Insights

Helpful checklist for new Webster Bank customers

Welcome to Webster Bank! Thank you for placing your trust in us. We appreciate the opportunity to keep earning your business every day. To get started on the right foot and to make your life easier – which is always a top goal of ours -- we devised…

Lending Insights

Benefits of personal loans

Most of you have credit cards and enjoy this convenience when making everyday purchases. However, there are a couple of drawbacks: 1) a variable interest rate and 2) the length of time it will take to pay off the balance if you decide to make just the minimum payment.
Security Insights

How we prevent fraudulent transactions

You've just received an automated phone call from someone claiming to be Fraud Prevention calling on behalf of Webster Bank. They want to verify recent debit card transactions with you, but you know that you haven't used your card in days.
Personal Banking Insights

Do you have the six C’s of good credit?

If you’re applying for a personal or business loan, it’s good to know the criteria that lenders look for, which is based upon a variety of qualities. Banks and lenders use these “Six C’s of Credit” to assess your loan application.
Personal Banking Insights

Open a personal checking account with Webster Bank

Whether you are looking to establish a new banking relationship or are looking to enhance your existing relationship as your needs change, Webster is here for you with personalized service and solutions tailored to your needs.
Lending Insights

First-time home buyers: don’t let these mortgage myths stop you from making your move

As “For Sale” signs pop up like crocuses, the home-buying season bursts into full bloom. But too often, mortgage myths dissuade potential first-time home buyers from taking that step from renting to owning.

Focus on the moments that make your life

Remodeling your home

Few things are as satisfying as a successful home improvement project. Before starting, it’s a good idea to educate yourself on potential pitfalls and learn to be a budget master.

Getting married

You’ve found the person you want to spend your life with — congrats! Figuring out your financial future together can lay the foundation for a happy union.

Start college on the right foot

Begin college armed with the knowledge you need to sidestep financial habits that can put you in sticky situations, and make the most of your money while you’re a student.