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Private Banking Insights is the monthly newsletter of Webster Private Bank providing strategic financial market information with ideas and tactics for smart decision-making.

Date Title PDF
June 2017 Despite the Negative Covfefe Read
May 2017 Who Will Steward My Wealth? Read
May 2017 Earnings Spring Forth Read
April 2017 Trumped Up Markets? Read
March 2017 Onward and Upward Read
February 2017 Expect the Unexpected Read
December 2016 Election Connections Read
November 2016 Politics, Presidents and Policy Read
October 2016 Oh, Say Can You See Read
August 2016 What difference at this point does it make? Read
June 2016 Brexit Reality Read
June 2016 Is the World Addicted to Cheap Money? Read
May 2016 Overseas Hot Spots Read
April 2016 When Doves Cry Read
March 2016 The Revenant, The Walking Dead and the Best New TV Show Read
February 2016 What the World Needs Now Read
January 2016 We Are in a Bear Market Read
December 2015 The Long and Short of Investment Management at Webster Private Bank Read
November 2015 Portfolio Rebalancing Versus Market Timing Read
October 2015 Summer Doldrums?! Read
September 2015 Not All Fed Tightening Cycles are Created Equal Read
August 2015 Are We There Yet? Read
August 2015 Market Corrections & Amplifications Read
July 2015 Performance Update - Major Asset Classes Read
June 2015 Expectations Management Read
May 2015 The Final Countdown Read
April 2015 Slowing Economy, Soaring Stock Prices Read
March 2015 Sub-Zero Read
March 2015 Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia Read
January 2015 State of the Union Read
December 2014 Crude Oil Prices Tank Read
October 2014 A sea-change or a highly anticipated first step towards “normalization” Read
October 2014 Private Banking Insights Read
June 2014 ECB Bold Policy Moves Read
June 2014 Private Banking Insights Read
May 2014 Private Banking Insights Read
April 2014 Understanding Your Fiduciary Responsibilities: An ERISA Primer Read
April 2014 Family Foundations: Building a Rich Philanthropic Legacy Read
April 2014 Investing Responsibly: Aligning Your Money With Your Values Read
April 2014 Is Increased Inflation on the Horizon? Read
April 2014 Options for Inherited Assets From an Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plan Read
February 2014 Private Banking Insights Read
January 2014 Party Like it's 1999 Read
October 2013 Washington Drama Read
October 2013 Private Banking Insights Read
September 2013 Private Banking Insights Read
July 2013 Fast and Furious Read
April 2013 Private Banking Insights Read
January 2013 What does the deal to avert the fiscal cliff mean to you? Read
December 2012 Private Banking Insights Read
October 2011 No Place to Hide Read
April 2011 March Madness Read
October 2010 The Currency Effect Read
May 2010 The Trouble in Europe - How Ugly Will it Get? Read
March 2010 The Global Economic Recovery Remains in Place Read
January 2010 Investment Update - 2009 Reflections.  2010? Read
Fall 2009 You Need an Investment Plan! Read
Summer 2009 “Open Architecture” is the Key to Developing Customized Portfolios for Each Client Read
Spring 2009 Stimulus Package Highlights Read
Winter 2009 Reflections Read
Fall 2008 Year-end Planning Read
Summer 2008 Our Economy’s Silver Lining Read
Spring 2008 Planning Calms Recession Fears Read
Winter 2008 Strengthening Our Commitment to You in 2008 Read
Fall 2007 Last Chance for Tax-free IRA Distributions? Read
Summer 2007 Point and Counterpoint: ETFs Read
Spring 2007 It’s Time for Your Financial Checkup Read
Winter 2007 Taxes and Your Vacation Home Read
Summer 2006 When is a “Tax Cut” Not a Tax Cut? Read
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