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Business succession


Selling your business


The owner of a privately held business approached Webster Private Bank to discuss the potential sale of his business. He had only recently begun contemplating a sale and did not know how to begin the process.


In line with the client’s goals for the exit of his business, we prepared analyses and projections, comparing an internal sale to employees vs. an external sale to a third party and illustrated the impact of the sale, including gift and estate planning strategies and a cash flow analysis to determine the potential after tax proceeds available for the client’s retirement. We, along with other Webster colleagues, were able to assist the client in assembling a team of third-party professionals (investment bankers, lawyers, accountants, valuation experts, etc.,) knowledgeable in such transactions and ultimately helped to coordinate the team of professionals supporting the sale of our client’s business. The client has gained confidence and clarity in pursuing the sale of his business and we will be at his side as he entertains offers to sell his business, collects the proceeds upon the sale and manages the wealth created from the sale.



Tailored credit


Line of credit for private equity opportunity


The President of a large worldwide insurance brokerage was looking for a line of credit to personally invest in private equity opportunities. He wanted to use this line instead of his personal liquidity.


We provided an innovative solution using shares the client currently owned in privately held companies to secure a $15MM Line of Credit. The new client also established a $4MM Investment Management Account. Finally, the Private Bank service model influenced three other members of his company's executive team to establish relationships at Webster Private Bank. Those relationships included personal loans, deposits, and commercial real estate loans.


Financial planning


Evaluating retirement options


C suite level executive was considering early retirement but was uncertain as to the impact on her executive benefits and whether she had accumulated sufficient funds for a secure retirement.


In consultation with executive’s Corporate Counsel and Director of Human Resources, we analyzed and summarized all corporate benefits under two scenarios – early retirement and regular retirement. This allowed us to quantify the “cost” of retirement prior to age 65. We then incorporated this data into our cash flow models - the outcome of which showed the goal of early retirement was comfortably achievable. With this peace of mind, we were able to provide additional analysis and guidance on several other very important topics to the client including estate planning, gifting to family members and charitable giving.



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