Safety and security

Identity theft and fraud can turn your life upside down. We take the privacy and security of your information seriously and our number one goal is to give you peace of mind when it comes to your protection.

Protection, privacy, and security - Webster Bank

It’s all about layers

Webster Bank uses enhanced security controls to keep your safety at the top of our list. Learn more about all we do to keep you safe.

It’s all about information

The more you know, the more you can protect yourself from identity theft and fraud. Scammers are working day and night; making it harder to know when you’re being targeted but you can do it and we can help with tips, articles, and support.

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How debit and credit card fraud works

You just checked your bank accounts, like you normally do everyday, but today there is a big problem -- your checking account is negative! You were sure that you had enough money to cover your transactions, but what about those three transactions for $400 at Walmart in Texas?
Security Insights

I know your password

According to Forbes magazine, in December of 2019, a security researcher discovered a treasure trove of more that a billion plain-text passwords in an unsecured online database! The top three passwords? "12345" "123456" and "123456789."
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Traveling? Know before you go

Nothing can take the joy out of traveling like traffic, flight delays, crowds, and costs. Many times, it’s so stressful that you need a vacation from your vacation!

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