How Webster protects you

Identity theft and fraud are never to be taken lightly. Your security is our top priority and we want you to have peace of mind each time you bank with Webster.

How Webster protects you

Securing you and your money

FDIC Insurance

We focus on protecting your assets and your deposits are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

Consumer alerts

Scam alerts from consumers all over the U.S. to help you stay on top of identity theft and fraud. 

Online Banking security

WebsterOnline and Mobile Banking offer you convenience and confidence; you have questions? We have answers. 

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Safeguards and security

By registering your identity, computers, and mobile device, you are authenticated each time you log on. Your logon information is immediately encrypted (scrambled).


Identification protection

Your first time on WebsterOnline will require you to select a user name and password plus other security information. Your user name and password identify you as a customer and the accounts/functions you can access.

Each time you wish to use WebsterOnline, you are required to provide your user name and password on two different screens with your password entered onto a secure website. By separating these two logon elements, we can better protect the privacy and security of your sensitive information.

As with any user name/password system, you’ll want to select ones that can’t be easily guessed by anyone else plus for added security, never give them out or make available to another person.

Identity theft prevention guide

Identity theft prevention resources


Authorized access for business

As a business owner, you know how important it is to provide safety and security to your employees and how there may be different levels of security needed depending on roles and responsibilities like transfers, bill payments, and account histories.

Our system gives you the ability to protect your personal user name and password while providing access to employees who need it.

We also offer additional protection with firewalls at our web server location and thorough policies that restrict access to your account information to only those who support you as a customer.

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