You are your own best defense

Protecting yourself from identity theft and fraud doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We’re here to empower you with tips and resources so you can stay in control and feel confident that your privacy is safe.

You are your own best defense

Staying ahead of cyber criminals

Together, we can keep cyber criminals on the run and not give them the opportunity to turn our lives upside down. Being able to spot a scam before it happens to you is key to staying safe and the more information we can share with each other, the better.

Resources at your fingertips

We've put together an identity theft prevention guide with tips and tactics to help you feel more secure and prepared. We also have identity theft prevention resources, a collection of key agencies and contacts.

Learn how you can protect yourself

Security Insights

A financial travel checklist

You’ve packed your swimsuit and are ready to go on that long awaited vacation, but have you called your bank? Taking a few minutes to give your bank a call before you take off on vacation could save you a serious headache while traveling.
Security Insights

Five ways to bank safer for National Cybersecurity Month

At Webster, every month is cybersecurity month, as we continue to grow and expand our employees’ knowledge of cybersecurity best practices through training.
Security Insights

Pardon me, is that my tax refund in your pocket?

Imagine filing your tax return only to find that some stranger beat you to it. Sound crazy? It’s actually a popular craze among identity thieves. And right now is peak season.