Trust isn’t earned overnight. It’s earned day after day.

We establish that trust by providing wise and trusted counsel. Both The Private Bank and Webster Investments help meet your ambitions for a life of financial health, clarity and prosperity.

Wealth Management from Webster Bank

Webster Private Bank

Concierge-level service

The Private Bank serves a discerning clientele with exclusive, highly personalized financial services. Customers enjoy multiple benefits under one roof: comprehensive planning and disciplined management to invest, grow and protect your assets; creative credit solutions to meet specific financing needs; high-touch checking and savings accounts, and fiduciary services. 

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Webster Investments

For investors in all stages

Whether your goals are for the next quarter or the next quarter century — or both — Webster Investments can help you work toward reaching them. It starts with listening and strategizing to develop a plan, then giving you the tools and support to implement and manage your portfolio. Most importantly, over time, we help you towards living the life you imagine and deserve for yourself.

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Webster Private Bank insights

Estate planning during market turmoil

In the midst of New England’s restrictions on doing business and the extreme financial market volatility, coupled with the probability that a recession may be underway, this might seem like an odd time to think about estate planning.

Investing in the time of COVID-19

March 2020 will go down in history as the longest month on record. Or so it felt. As we turn the page to April, we find ourselves consumed with the COVID-19 outbreak that has plunged the planet into quarantine.

2020 vision: a forward look

Our 2020 expectations are for more subdued returns relative to 2019, increased market volatility brought on by geo political issues and the upcoming 2020 US presidential election, and for interest rates to stay lower for longer as central banks learn from the Fed’s missteps in late 2018.

Webster Investments planning advice & strategies

Webster Investments Insights

Growth vs. value: two approaches to stock selection

Growth and value are two fundamental approaches in stock and stock mutual fund investing. Growth stock mutual fund managers look for companies that they believe offer strong earnings growth potential. Value fund managers look for stocks that appear…

Webster Investments Insights

Market volatility and the importance of staying the course at different ages

When you invest in the stock market, you want to see growth, but unfortunately, in most cases, investments do not grow all the time. Inevitably, the market goes up and down, and to safeguard your potential for long-term growth, you need to understand…

Webster Investments Insights

What do you really know about Bear markets?

The Coronavirus Bear kicked the 11-year bull off of Wall Street very fast

A “bear market” occurs when stock prices in general are falling, and then widespread pessimism sustains the continued drop in prices. The stock market becomes a bear…


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